Still Paradise

by Plateau Below

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Jake Ringenberg
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Jake Ringenberg Unique and beautiful melodies. Great musicianship. New favorite local band by a long shot! Favorite track: Outside The Gates.
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“Have you also learned that secret from the river; that there is no such thing as time? That the river is everywhere at the same time…that the present only exists for it, not the shadow of the past nor the shadow of the future.”
― Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha


released March 4, 2014

All songs written, recorded and mixed by Plateau Below.
Outside The Gates written by Damon Berkley.
Trumpet on Evaline, Clearhead Real and Twiggy by Christian Allmendinger.
Additional engineering by Scott Wambach at The Room Recording Studio.

Released 04 March 2014 through Jurassic Pop Records.



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Plateau Below Bloomington, Indiana

Plateau Below.
Indiana is our home.

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Track Name: Eris
Jumped in the river today
Found a home in the flow, lost all my clothes
I’ve been so low but now I just float

You jumped in the river one day
Now you find home in the arms of these other ones
You sink so low and I’m still your boat

Oh Eris, why do we try to make sense
When chaos is the only thing that’s true
And how’d that void give birth to you
And all of us too

Stepped from the shadow today (I’ll take my time)
To find some warmth in the light of another sun (I’ll take my time)
I’ll coast this flow and keep staying afloat

You’ll step from the shadow one day (Just take your time)
Where you’ll find warmth in the arms of somebody’s son (Or in your own mind)
There I hope you’ll know you’re already home (Been there all along)
Track Name: Evaline
Evaline you're standing way too still now
Darling, I keep feeling I have no way out
Evening is when it gets the hardest
Just thinking about my loss of productivity and my gain of doubt

Morning time darling, eat your breakfast
You're feeding on every little thing that I have left
Evaline I think the sands have shifted with setting back
I'm looking at these watches now but this space has made me lagged

Oh Evaline (x100)
(I'll take my time)
Track Name: Riverside
Sleeping by the riverside
I've been staying here a fortnight
I'm just a useless smear of skin and bone
Bearded, poor, and getting old
I'm probably ready to die

Starving by the riverside
I’m just waiting here for my wife
She went and ran off with another jack
But I'm sure she'll come running back
Can't remember what her eyes look like

Praying by the riverside
I'm just waiting here for my god
He said he'd take me when I’m ready
And Christ Jesus am I ready or not?
No life needs taken like mine

Sleeping in the shade outside
I'm just hiding away from that hot
O’ people when that light comes over me
My body's sad, old soul will leave
And join that sun in the sky

And through sun and moon
Summer breeze and snow and showers
My body will soon wilt and bloom as flowers
Track Name: Outside The Gates
The sirens sing leaving here will be my doom
They say progress will only lead me closer to the tomb
Well they may know something that I don't
But don't ask me to stay because I won't

And revolution's just a word they use to sell us mockingbirds
And diamond rings and flowing gowns
And shining things just to hold us down

Well I was raised on TV screens
And they made me dumb and they made me mean

And oh we moved to a strange old town
Where nobody heard and most people looked down
And all the crawling things lived here in our house
Well they may know something that I don't
But don't ask me to stay because I won't

If old Hannah didn't rise today
I wouldn’t be awake to see her anyway

And I took my bow and I took my quiver
And I shot my arrows in the great Green River

Wouldn't it be dull and nice, lying still in paradise
Without waves upon the sea, static for eternity?
Oh how can I ignore all the bright and shiny silver tips
Making me feel serious
Oh how I'd love to laugh at this life

You'll always find me picking and grinning
And listening for the sounds of the hi-hats ticking
Track Name: Clearhead Real
I'm feeling nervous and I can't shake it out of my head
I hate dealing with anything anymore
I'm feeling tired and I'm not getting out of my bed
I may just melt here and never talk again

I'm having trouble thinking of a reason to be
I hate dealing with everything anymore
This hope is featherless and he is cawing at me
He tried to sing more but the spring cut off his beak

I had a clear head in a clear sky
But something's come and flown in my eye
I had two strong hands in the late fall
But winter came and froze them both off
Track Name: Twiggy
Hey Twiggy, good morning
The moon is done glowing
But no need to stop dreaming
You've got so much in there

Hey Twiggy stop counting
The world ain't a bad thing
Keep thinking but control it
And I’m up here if you need me

Hey Twiggy, what's baggage?
It's known we all have it
So don't get weighed by past loads
Just put them all on me

And hey Twiggy, keep searching
For something, not sure what
But don't worry oh, everybody's
Got that space inside them

I’ve laid low a couple weeks on that old plateau
And tried to come around
The sun came up but it never came out
And I’ve been told that people change when they get so old
But you, please don't
Your face will age but I hope your soul won't

And "Oh what you say is never gonna change this
“I've already made my mind up"
And oh what I do is never gonna change us
You've already changed your mind
And "Oh what you say is never gonna change this
“I've already made my mind up"
Though the next day comes I won't be much different
You've already changed your mind

Eight months old in the parking lot
You saved my soul with the words you spoke
Track Name: Dying Down
The sun is down and you lie old in your new house
Next to an endless loop that hangs around
Are you awake?
You may not hear it anyway
It's a loop that loops things you know too well but it spins still

And every time I looked at you and saw another you
Well it brought thoughts of what I'd lost and what I can't understand
And things we never can
Are you awake? You can't hear me anyway
Through piercing howls that sound from deep in the lungs of a beast I could not tame

When did you see that the light was broken?
No I'm not blaming you for a thing
You can’t see with the lights out
But can’t you see that you left me open?
And all the things I do for you to notice
Why don’t you notice?